There are people in this world who care. They care about you. They want to help you. They want to be there for you. But they just don’t know how. They try so hard but they never seem to do anything right. But at least they are trying. And if you look hard enough you can see that their heart will never give upon you. –family

It’s that person who matter how busy they are they will always find time for you. It’s during the worst of life’s storms where they saw the worst you yet they still stuck by your side. We aren’t connected by blood, but by heart. The way we care about each other as if we are siblings. The way we couldn’t imagine making our mistakes together. And the fact that our lives wouldn’t be the same without each other.  –best friends




5 Seconds left.  Championship game. You stand on the sidelines waiting for Game over. You lost. You stood on the sidelines waiting for something to happen instead of going after it. You didn’t got after it. So it left. It wasn’t going to stand around waiting for you and it wasn’t going to always be there. And finally the one day it isn’t there is the day you realize you just lost something great. Everything around you is always changing if you wait for things to happen to you your going to be waiting a long time. You have to make things happen yourself. Go after them. Regardless of they are. Sometimes you have a second chance and other times you’ll still be stuck watching as the next opportunity passes you by.IMG_20170605_114624.jpg