A slap in the face 

Yes we all make bad decisions. Some we can recover from. Some. Not so much.  We learn from our mistakes. Sometimes our consequences can be a rude awakening. Like a slap in the face.  But sometimes that’s what we need. We needed to snap out of it.  We need to get on a different path and change what we are doing. Because face it it’s not working. It not helping us in the long run. In the end it’s not about the mistakes we made but how we fixed them.  How we recovered and made a change.



There’s no better time than now

Stop waiting for things to happen to you and go out and make them happen.

Don’t let what you cant do interfere with what you can.

What’s your story. What makes up you. Is it your past. Or your future. Or is it the now. What’s going on right now. What you’re working towards. What your goals are. And who you are. Not who you’re not. Not who you wish you may be. But who you have made yourself to be. Who you have worked hard to become. The ideas in your mind about your future are just ideas. They aren’t reality just yet. So, take yourself for who you are and not who aren’t. Be proud of this moment. This stage in your life. Because you’ve worked hard to get here. What you did yesterday doesn’t define you it’s just the path you were down then not necessarily where you are now. Maybe it is maybe it isn’t. your past doesn’t define you. It only guides you. You may be ashamed of that past. You can’t change the past but you can change the future. You determine what happens to you. If you want to prove to someone that you only knew back then prove to them with actions that you have changed not just words. Even though you can’t change the past you can change the future you just must catch it before it becomes a reality. If you are always waiting for something to happen or waiting for something to finally be the way you want it to be it may never be that exact way you want it to. Because no matter how many times you tell yourself that if this problem was solved everything would be perfect. It won’t. There will always be something whether you like it or not. There’s always going to be that one thing that drives you crazy that you wish could go away. And that one day you finally make it go away something else comes up and you are back to square one. So, stop wishing for tomorrow and start wishing for today because that’s what matters most. We don’t know how many days we have left but we know we must cherish each one.


True Friends

Through thick and thin. The good days and the bad. They stick by your side. You’ve been through it all together. Even from day one if you could have seen all there was to come you still would have been there. Because that’s just what kind of person you are. Not just a best friend a true friend. You’re the friend who will stay up all night helping them study for an exam even when you have to work in the morning. The friend who misses class to give them a ride to work. The friend that’s there to answer the 2am phone calls. The friend that’s there to help you pick up the pieces after a breakup. The friend to sit and listen to you go on and on even when you’re not making any since. The friend to hold you. The friend to be there in the middle of the night when you can’t sleep. The friend to come bail you out even when they told you it was a bad idea. The friend that takes the hurtful words when there only doing the best for you. The friend that doesn’t except you excuses because they know your better than that. The friend that pushes you to do your best. The friend that does their best to make sure you’re going in the right direction. The friend that always has your back even when they know your wrong. The friend that still forgives you time after time. The friend that’s always willing to do anything for you. The friend that sacrifices themselves for you. Without expecting anything in return. Because they love you like family. And as far as there considered you are family.  Your afraid to lose them but they assure you that there not going anywhere. And that aren’t. They’re with you until the end. You’re lucky to have to them. And you can’t imagine your life without them.


Next Chapter

You keep going. You stand up to a challenge. You break down that wall. And you keep moving forward. You don’t let anything or anyone get in your way. You push through life and find that motivation inside you to keep fighting. One day you’ll look back and realize that every time you were rejected you were really just being directed to something better. You have to keep opening new doors and  discovering new things. Embrace that curiosity to always find something better and keep improving yourself. Use your wisdom to know when to walk away and when to move onto to something worth fighting for. Find the courage inside yourself to know things will only get better if you make them. The past is your lesson. And the future is your motivation.  You cant start the next chapter in your life if your still rereading the last one. Even if your on the right track you’ll get run over if you just sit there. Every day you have a choice whether to take a step into comfort or a step into the uncertain. Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.

Leaving for Massachusetts in 2 weeks to teach sailing this summer, wish me luck.

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Those who wander aren’t always lost

 “I don’t know where I’m going but I don’t plan on stopping my search. All I need is a positive attitude and good head on my shoulders. Ill be okay. No matter what. I keep going. I don’t rely on others for my happiness. I find happiness in myself. I let others guide me. I don’t let them control me. I don’t wait for opportunities to come to me, I go out and find them.”



So, it didn’t work out. Things didn’t go as you planned. There was a slight block in the road. But you decided to go around it. You decide to rise above the problem and work towards a solution. You decided to find what went wrong so it doesn’t happen again. Instead of worrying about what went wrong you looked at what went right and realized it wasn’t a complete waste of time because you learned something in the end. And the important thing was being that you kept moving forward and didn’t give up with things got difficult. You found it inside of yourself to keep on going. And that’s what was important.