A slap in the face 

Yes we all make bad decisions. Some we can recover from. Some. Not so much.  We learn from our mistakes. Sometimes our consequences can be a rude awakening. Like a slap in the face.  But sometimes that’s what we need. We needed to snap out of it.  We need to get on a different path … More A slap in the face 


Next Chapter

You keep going. You stand up to a challenge. You break down that wall. And you keep moving forward. You don’t let anything or anyone get in your way. You push through life and find that motivation inside you to keep fighting. One day you’ll look back and realize that every time you were rejected … More Next Chapter

Choose Happiness

The day I stopped letting everyone else control my happiness: “I’m happy. Not because life always goes my way. Because that’s far off. But because I choose to find happiness in my life regardless of what happens. I cant control what happens to me but I can choose how I react to it.”

Those who wander aren’t always lost

 “I don’t know where I’m going but I don’t plan on stopping my search. All I need is a positive attitude and good head on my shoulders. Ill be okay. No matter what. I keep going. I don’t rely on others for my happiness. I find happiness in myself. I let others guide me. I … More Those who wander aren’t always lost


So, it didn’t work out. Things didn’t go as you planned. There was a slight block in the road. But you decided to go around it. You decide to rise above the problem and work towards a solution. You decided to find what went wrong so it doesn’t happen again. Instead of worrying about what … More Roadblock