What I’m about: Positive vibes only

I learned my 19th birthday the true meaning of valuing yourself.  And after taking the entire year of 2018 trying to find myself again i finally did. Stay true to yourself. #selflove

“Home is where you park it. Live the adventure. always moving around. never stuck in one place. Grounded to yourself rather than a location. Ability to pick yourself up and go wherever you want to. Disconnected from the normal life. Embracing the uncertainty of what may com next. Not tied down to anything or anyone. People either join your journey or you say see you later. #RVlife Normality is a paved road. But no flowers grow on it.” –  a Nomad  **Always take the alternative routes. Never go where your expected to go.  Go the direction you want to go not the way you are told to go. And absolutely never follow behind others in their shadow.** (November 2017 Blog Post)

When I turned 18 I bought an RV in hopes of soon being able to travel the US. So until them you’ll find me working hard to reach my goal. I believe us red heads have something in us that makes us a little bit crazy, but in a good way. We just have to turn that little bit of crazy into something amazing, and that’s my work in progress.

Based in South Florida est: 9/9/1999- Rebecca May Gennett