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People call me crazy. They judge. They assume things. They don’t always agree. And that’s okay. They don’t need to listen they don’t need to understand or agree with my vision or the decisions I make. The door is always open to whoever wants to come in or for whoever wants to leave. I have my reasons I do things and it’s not about whether my reasons work for others it’s about whether they work for me. You have to accept the consequences of your actions. Sometimes they don’t work out. It can take a while to recover. I’m not into the whole staying your little comfort zone thing. With big risk comes great reward. Just like how every challenge makes you stronger. You always keep moving.

Featured Post November 4, 2017 by plantfueledginger*****Not just a paved road:

“Home is where you park it. Live the adventure. always moving around. never stuck in one place. Grounded to yourself rather than a location. Ability to pick yourself up and go wherever you want to. Disconnected from the normal life. Embracing the uncertainty of what may com next. Not tied down to anything or anyone. People either join your journey or you say see you later. #RVlife Normality is a paved road. But no flowers grow on it.” –  a Nomad  **Always take the alternative routes. Never go where your expected to go.  Go the direction you want to go not the way you are told to go. And absolutely never follow behind others in their shadow.**

BIO: Hi I’m Becca. I’m based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. When I turned 18 I bought an RV in hopes of soon being able to travel the US. My goal is being able to work on the road and going completely the opposite direction of the 9-5 lifestyle. I’ve been working on starting my own small business in health and nutrition with a plant fueled lifestyle. There has been lot of work behind the scenes and prep for my trip. But whenever it does truly start it will changes the course of my life forever. So until them you’ll find me working hard to reach my goal. I believe us red heads have something in us that makes us a little bit crazy, but in a good way. We just have to turn that little bit of crazy into something amazing, and that’s the plan.

-Becca May Gennett20180202_125237.jpg